The Bertie Beetle

Sourced from Wikipedia

The Bertie Beetle is a chocolate (shaped like Beetle) that was first produced in 1963 and a popular feature in showbags.  But a Bertie Beetle is also a popular cocktail that was began in Mary Barry’s Commercial Hotel in the Queensland country town of Dalby.

Initially named after a race horse that had won that fateful day. During the celebrations one of the owners found the mixture resembling the confectionery known as the Bertie Beetle and with the horse winning cemented the name for the drink. The ‘Bertie Beetle’ is made by drinking an appropriate amount out of a Schooner of draft beer then pouring in a Tia Maria and Coke (with or without ice to the drinker’s choosing). The result is a refreshing drink very similar in taste to its name sake. (Sourced from Wikipedia).