This poem was read out in Mary’s on the night the Di Reilly’  officially took over ownership from the Barry family in 2010. 

Down at Mary’s – here we are
Gathered with friends around the bar
Over a drink we share our lives
The twists and turns, the peaks and dives

When I was a young girl my dad bought me here
Mary’d shout me a raspberry and he’d get a beer
After the cattle sale we’d come down for lunch
From the menu we’d choose pie and vegies to munch

Here Christmas Eve my friends would unite
Before adjourning for carols and Mass at midnight.
We’ve all been here to celebrate many things
Sometimes drink so much we thought we’d grown wings

The Rugby Club has always played a big part
The photos on the wall hang like pieces of art
We’ve drunk to big wins by The Wheatmen here
And dealt with the losses… shedding a tear.

The Bledisloe and World Cups have come through the door
Brought here by Wallabies while they’re on tour
Aussie cricket and league legends have been here as well
Too many sports stars for us to dwell

Births, deaths and marriages – we’ve dealt with them all
Think we’re pretty pleased there’s no talk from these walls
Three generations drinking here have now come through
There’s not many pubs that can skite that rare coup

We’ve all been affected by the loss of Mary
Our memories of her are many and varied
Her legend will stay here from the floor to the rafters
Each time the place rocks with good times and laughter.

The guard has changed and Di is here
Serving Bundy Rum and pulling cold beer
So raise your glasses with your favourite thirst quencher
As we wish Di well in her new business venture.