Function room equipment

For our corporate clients we have installed the latest technology in projectors. You may simply want a plain whiteboard for taking notes, or be more advanced and use the built-in computer facilities which allow you to insert a USB stick and instantly make notes, collaborate with your clients or staff using the two wireless styles pens and when you’re done, save the content and walk away.

You can also bring your own laptop (or use ours if required), connect straight into our system and start a full presentation using your PowerPoint slides or training DVDs.

With the whiteboard function, you can start a meeting and annotate on your meeting notes instantly – all without using a PC! Revolutionise the way you interact with your audience with multi-user capability, whereby two users can write on the screen at the same time.

At the end of the meeting, you can save, print or email the meeting notes instantly.

This new projector has simple and intuitive command buttons. You can still access your content from other sources such as PC, DVD, visualiser etc. For content from other sources, you can capture a screenshot and start annotating it on the whiteboard

At the end of your meeting, you can save, print or email your meeting notes. It’s that easy.

Save your meeting notes on a USB drive or the network drive. Files can be saved as PDF or PNG format. Never lose any of your meeting notes and action points again!

Print your meeting notes (using our network printer) so all team members can walk away with the action points or key takeaways from the meeting.

Email the meeting notes from the whiteboard to your email address or to a group address, so all attendees can have a record of the meeting

Input – load your PDF or PNG file via USB, network drive, scanned image or wirelessly from your mobile device (using the Epson iProjection app). Once the content is imported to the whiteboard, you can annotate as you please.