Famous Visitors

Visiting Mary’s has become such an iconic thing to do, there are many famous faces who have graced the bar with their presence:

  • Jason Little & Tim Horan brought the Rugby World Cup to the pub in 1992 after winning it in 1991.
  • John Eales visited during a promotional visit to Dalby and surrounding areas in 2001.
  • Shane Webcke, Gordon Tallis, Andrew Gee & Merv Hughes and Ian Healy came through the pub a couple of times on their way through Dalby heading for the Roma races.
  • Chris ‘Buddha’ Handy visited to feature the pub on a lifestyle show he worked on in 2004.
  • Hugh Sawry stayed at the pub in the 1960s and his original painting still remains in the back lounge.
  • Alan Jones has been to pub a few times, the last time was Mary’s testimonial in 1997.
  • Sir James Killen was a dear friend of Mary Barry’s and visited regularly.
  • Lou Cooper of the Wanderers Cricket Club visited often and gave us a limited edition portrait which is still in the bar today.
  • Other visitors  include Alan Langer, Carl Webb and many more!