About Marry Barry

Mary Barry had been the owner of the Dalby Commercial Hotel for 58 years when she passed away in March 2010. She touched many hearts in the Dalby community and beyond.  She was known for her generous spirit and was patron and supporter of many local community and sporting organisations.

In 1971 Mary was awarded the MBE (member of the British Empire), in 1988 she was the recipient of the Australia Day Citizen of the Year and in 1997 she was awarded entrance into the Queensland Hotels’ Association Awards Hall of Fame.

“My first memory of Mary’s is having a raspberry in the bar with my dad probably 1952 or 53, I remember shit lovely lady giving me a packet chips…”
Read David Condon’s tribute to Mary Barry March 2010.

Mary was a wonderful inspiration for many, many people. She lived her life simply and generously… Our family is blessed to have had her in our lives for as long as we did… She will be sadly missed and sweetly remembered… The world is a better place for having you in it…“happy days” Mary, God Bless You…
Brendan Barry March 2010 (Sourced from www.ourwomenourstate.com.au)

I was lucky enough to call her “Aunty Mary.” She has been my guardian angel (as she was for so many) Humble, compassionate, loving, strong, wise, determined and always willing to give. She could have lived anywhere in the world she wanted, but Dalby was her home. Right there in the public bar of the Commercial; with the real people, the salt of the earth bush characters that you wont find anywhere else but country Qld. No pretense, no layers of persona, just real lives. That’s what Mary was all about, she could have been off hob-nobbing with whomever she liked I imagine, but she chose the raw coal face of real life, real stories, real people that you only get on the other side of a bar in the bush. What a blessing to the world!  Mary Barry, “Bravo!” What a life, we will always love you! Thanks for everything. Xoxoxo
Michael Barry March 2010 (Sourced from www.ourwomenourstate.com.au)