Hotels are essential facilities since they provide vital services such as accommodation, events and meals. As a customer, you may want to know the background story of a renowned hotel to better understand the eatery you rely on. There are a lot of establishments in Queensland which have a rich history and stories that are unique. Examples of such places are Story Bridge, Corones Hotel, Royal Hotel Harrisville and The Barrier Reef Floating Resort.

Story Bridge Hotel

The establishment was built in Queensland in 1886. It was initially called the Kangaroo Point Hotel. The name of the establishment was then changed to the Story Bridge Hotel in 1940. The Deery family purchased the business in 1967 and it became popularly known as the village pub by locals. Soon, the suburb evolved to a residential area from being an industrial location. Today, it’s managed by Barrie’s daughter and son, Jane and Richard Deery. The hotel provides excellent customer services and a variety of dishes.

The Hotel Corones

The establishment was completed in 1929 by Harry Corones, a Greek migrant. For over 150 years, Corones has been the most popular hotel in Queensland. Former owners, Fran and hubby Gordon, managed the establishment from 1985 to 2001. The present management has also ensure the hotels remains famous and offers quality services. They wrote a book titled The Accidental Australians that highlights the history of the old hotel that became famous in Western Queensland.

Royal Hotel Harrisville

The hotel was built on land purchased by Robert Dunn, an early settler. A cotton store was built in 1870 by George and John Harris causing the area to expand to a township which was later named Harrisville. The Royal Hotel was then opened in 1875, becoming the earliest joint in the region. In 1916, a fire burnt down the establishment and was rebuilt in 1920.