Most of the historical hotels and pubs all around the globe were at some point, offering different services. After a few changes in ownership, the hotels managed to become what they are today. To keep the history of the building and tell the stories that the hallways have experienced over the decades, most hotel managers decide to maintain the original structures. Here is the history behind some famous hotels and pubs.

Private Residences

Taking an example of Hotel Balzac, multiple historical hotels were once private residences of prominent people. Since most famous people were wealthy, their area of dwelling was well known throughout the lands. After they passed on, several business people seized the opportunity and transformed the homes into reputable hotels. However, for some hotels, the ownership had gone through several hands before it was finally converted into a hotel. Most parts of the hotels remain as they were decades ago, with only a few adjustments made to accommodate more people.


Although it was a bit difficult to travel in the olden days, people still managed to move from one place to another. Some went to trade while others were more focused on exploring and touring the world. Either way, when they arrived at a particular town, they needed a place to sleep and eat. The inns played a notable role in making that a success. Over time, the inns became popular, and as times changed, they were developed to be the grand hotels and pubs seen today.

Historical Places

When something goes down in history, some people quickly forget the event while others try to keep the memories alive. One way of keeping history alive is building a hotel in the place where the past incident occurred. Many hotels and pubs have been built on this basis, and people still visit them to identify the exact location.