Queensland is rich for the history it holds, and even hotels and bars are living proof of that fact. Whether you are looking to have a good meal or learn more history, there are a couple of hotels and bars that could help you make your plan a reality. The historic pubs and hotels in Queensland strive to maintain their vintage style amidst all the modernization happening all around the globe. The unique style they portray makes them a magnet to customers from different parts of the world. Here are some of the renown historic hotels in Queensland.

Apollonian Hotel

In ratings, the Apollonian hotel is unmatched. The hotel is located on the shores of lake Coothraba and has been used as a landmark for generations. Both the interior and exterior of the hotel have been retained just the way they were hundreds of years ago. However, some adjustments have been made to ensure that the bistro still meets the comfort standards of its customers. Since the hotel is far to the north, a refuelling station was added to keep the vehicles gassed up.

Bull and Barley

This very popular tap-house which was initially built in the 1900s is located in Cambooya. Cambooya is a small town in Toowoomba. The inn, which retains its original design, offers customers comfortable rooms where they can rest and fantastic food to feast on. Most of the dishes offered are in-country styles such as grilled steaks, lean pork and the amazing pot roast chicken. The Bull and Barley inn is a landmark that you cannot miss.

Imperial Hotel

As the name suggests, the hotel is grand. It is located on the Hinterland’s Sunshine Coast, and the pub has been a heartthrob for the locals for decades now. The music nights held at the country inn also give people the chance to experience the wonders that the imperial hotel holds.