Are you planning a trip to Queensland? There is undoubtedly no more excellent place to stay than in a historic hotel. Although the establishments were built a long time ago and retain the old designs and ancient features, some have been modernized with new facilities and amenities. For instance, historic pubs or hotels have television and Wi-Fi for internet connection among other modern facilities. On this website, you will learn more about the landmark entertainment joints and accommodation facilities.

Furthermore, if you want to enjoy the history of Queensland, you can book accommodation in one of the historic hotels or refresh yourself in the famous pubs in the city. In Queensland, there are many historic facilities. Still, on this website, we have narrowed down the list and highlighted some of the most popular ones. Besides, we have provided guidelines on how you can find the best historic hotel in the city. Read this and more information about landmark hotels and bars in Queensland from the following articles:

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  • Important features of historic hotels
  • The history of Queensland
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